Pixel Buds Pro Unveils Two Fresh Colors And A Suite Of New Software Features

“Exciting Updates for Google’s Pixel Buds Pro: New Colors and Features Revealed”

In Google’s audio department, the Pixel Buds Pro are joining the Made by Google event with some fresh additions. Two new stylish colors are being introduced, Porcelain and Bay, complementing the Pixel 8 Pro’s Porcelain and Bay color options. These new color choices are sure to please fans of the Pixel Buds Pro.

But that’s not all—let’s dive into the exciting new features:

  1. Bluetooth Super Wideband: Google has equipped the Buds Pro with Bluetooth Super Wideband support, doubling the bandwidth for voice communication to provide clearer and more immersive sound quality.
  2. Clear Calling: The Clear Calling feature, previously available on Pixel phones, has been incorporated into the Buds Pro. It works by reducing background noise during calls, allowing the person on the other end to be heard more clearly.
  3. Listening Stats: The Pixel Buds Pro will now keep tabs on your listening habits, tracking the volume levels to ensure you’re not exposing your ears to excessive noise. It’s a helpful reminder to protect your hearing.
  4. Conversation Detection: With the new Conversation Detection feature, the Buds Pro will employ AI to recognize when you start speaking. When you engage in conversation, the music will pause automatically, and the earbuds will switch to Transparency Mode to let external sounds in. This is especially handy during chats, and once you’re done talking, the earbuds will resume playing music with Active Noise Cancellation.
  5. Gaming Mode: Gamers will appreciate the low-latency gaming mode, which automatically activates when you start gaming on your connected phone. This mode significantly reduces audio latency, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.
  6. Chromebook Pixel Buds App: Google is introducing a new Pixel Buds app for Chromebooks. This allows users to adjust their earbud settings even when they’re not connected to their phone, providing greater flexibility in managing their Pixel Buds.

The new Pixel Buds Pro colors are expected to be available today, coinciding with pre-orders for the Pixel 8 series and the eagerly awaited Pixel Watch 2. So, whether you’re a fan of vibrant colors or excited about the enhanced features, there’s something to look forward to in the world of Google’s audio technology.

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