Kia Debuts Three Electric Vehicle Models During Global EV Day Event In South Korea

During its inaugural Global EV Day event held in Korea, Kia made significant strides in its electric vehicle (EV) portfolio by unveiling three exciting models poised to join its global EV lineup. These new additions include the production-ready EV5 SUV, which had been previously introduced as a concept in China, the innovative EV4 sedan, and the compact EV3 SUV. Kia’s strategic move towards these new models is part of a grand plan to reach an annual sales target of one million electric vehicles by 2026, further surging to 1.6 million units annually by 2030.

The brand has been progressively introducing electric vehicles to major markets, with the Kia EV6 already making waves. The next anticipated release is the flagship SUV, the EV9. Following these flagship models, Kia’s recent event showcased three promising models in their production-ready form.

Kia EV4 Sedan Concept:

The EV4, a concept sedan, boasts a distinctive design, featuring a sleek, slant-back appearance. Its striking front end hosts vertically positioned headlamps and a substantial bumper with a prominent air intake, complemented by tasteful contrasting black elements. While there are initial resemblances to the EV6, a closer look reveals numerous unique design elements, including an elegantly angled front end and a tapering roofline that contributes to its sporty aesthetics. The vehicle’s profile is accentuated by a prominent shoulder line extending from the rear door, seamlessly merging into the rear-wheel housings and vertical tail-lamps. At the rear, a tall bumper and an integrated spoiler take center stage, crowned by a prominent Kia emblem. Notably, the EV4’s wheels are both sizeable and feature a triangular pattern, reminiscent of other Kia EVs.

Inside, the EV4 embraces a minimalistic design philosophy with a noticeable reduction in physical buttons. It introduces the innovative ‘Mind Modes’ feature, which adjusts ambient lighting and animated ventilation patterns to cater to the driver’s mood and needs. Among these modes is ‘Perform,’ which provides comprehensive driving information, and ‘Serenity,’ which creates a serene ambiance through digital graphics.

Kia EV3 SUV:

The EV3 is positioned as an entry-level electric SUV within Kia’s international lineup. It shares design elements with larger models like the EV9 and EV5 but is packaged in a more compact form. Kia has labeled the design approach for the EV3 as “CMF” (Colours, Material, and Finish), resulting in a distinctive exterior with a blend of sharp lines and subtle curves. Notable features include a steeply raked windscreen, a roofline that gently tapers towards the rear, muscular wheel arches, and robust alloy wheels.

Inside the EV3, Kia continues its minimalist design approach. The interior incorporates sustainable materials, with handcrafted elements adorning certain panels to create a striking 3D effect.

Kia EV5 Production-Ready SUV:

The EV5, previously showcased in China in production-ready form, was presented as a global product during the Kia EV Day event. It is set to be manufactured in both China and Korea for worldwide markets. The EV5 lineup includes three variants: standard, long-range, and long-range AWD. The standard version features a 64kWh battery pack and a 160kW motor, providing an estimated range of 530km per charge (CLTC). The long-range model is equipped with an 88kWh battery and the same 160kW motor, boasting an estimated range of approximately 720km per charge. The top-tier long-range AWD variant comes with an 88kWh battery pack and a combined output of 230kW, featuring a front-wheel 160kW motor and a rear-wheel 70kW motor, with an expected range of about 650km.

The EV5 SUV interior offers versatility through multiple seating configurations and is equipped with three dedicated screens for infotainment, vehicle information, and HVAC control. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology with V2L capability and other features, already seen on the EV9 and the EV6, will also be incorporated into the EV5.

Kia’s EV Lineup in India:

Kia’s presence in the Indian EV market currently includes the EV6, with plans to introduce a mass-market EV by 2025. The forthcoming Kia EV9 is expected to be the brand’s next electric offering in India, set to hit the market in the near future.

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