Gurman’s Insight: Vision Pro 2 Development Puts Emphasis On Size, Weight, And Prescription Lenses

Early developments in Apple’s second-generation Vision Pro headset are primarily focused on improving the device’s size and weight while enhancing the experience for users who require prescription lenses, according to insights shared by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

In his “Power On” newsletter, Gurman detailed how Apple’s Vision Products Group has shifted its attention to the next iteration of headset models, contemplating various options, including both lower-end and more powerful variants. These efforts, although in the early stages, aim to address concerns voiced by users who found the first-generation Vision Pro headset to be somewhat heavy on their heads, with the goal of creating a lighter and slightly smaller device.

Furthermore, Apple is actively exploring ways to simplify the headset purchasing process for individuals who wear eyeglasses. The initial Vision Pro model required glasses wearers to separately purchase Zeiss prescription lenses, which could be attached to the headset’s displays using magnets. This design choice was made to reduce the overall thickness of the headset. However, managing thousands of different lens combinations has reportedly presented logistical challenges.

For the second-generation headset, Apple is contemplating the possibility of shipping custom-built Vision Pro devices with preinstalled prescription lenses directly from the factory. Gurman acknowledges that this approach introduces a unique set of issues, including sharing the headset, reselling it, and accommodating users whose optical prescriptions change over time.

It’s worth noting that, according to other reports, the launch of the second-generation Vision Pro headset is not expected until sometime between 2025 and 2027, while the first-generation model is slated for an early release next year.

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